Cabela's Big Game Hunter Mobile FAQ

iOS & Android

What Is It
Cabela’s Big Game Hunter is a casual/simulation hunting experience that the player can easily pick up and play.  The main gameplay for the player involves hunting game in a variety of hunting grounds and locations using a simple touch interface.  A hunt ends when either the player reaches their objective, dangerous game defeats the player or time runs out (depending on hunt type).  Players can purchase and use “Boosts” throughout these sessions to simplify the hunt and prolong the hunting experience.

How Do I Play It
The base hunting gameplay consists of tracing the screen to aim, pressing the arrows on either side of the screen to strafe and tapping the “Fire” button to take a shot.  Other interactions include:

When not in the hunt the player interacts with menus, storefront, trophy room and their campsite by tapping on various user interface buttons.

How Do I Win
Victory is what you make of it.  With regular content updates new features and hunts will be released over time leading to new varieties of gameplay.  All regions consist of over 30 hunts with multiple objectives a piece making over 90 objectives available for region requiring varying degrees of skill to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Energy?

Energy determines the unlocked hunts the player can currently access.  Each hunt requires a set amount of energy to access per attempt and once selected, subtracts that energy from the player’s energy pool.  After time passes energy automatically refills, likewise when the player levels up they get all their energy back as well as additional energy added to their pool.

What are player Levels and how do I level up?

The more objectives a player completes, the more experience they gain.  The more they gain the higher level they get.  Higher leveled players get access to better firearms.

What are “Bucks” and “Gold” for and how do I get them?

Bucks and gold are earned either through gameplay or through purchase in the store.  They are used to buy new firearms, bows, boosts, energy and clothes in order to help the player be a more effective hunter.

What are Stars for?
Upon completing objectives the player accumulates Stars.  These stars signify the overall progress of a player through the world.   Likewise stars allow players to unlock new regions from the Campsite and elite hunts.

What are Boosts and what do they do?
Boosts allow the player to use special abilities during the hunt.  Boosts are one time use although the player can have multiple boosts equipped at any time (even multiples of the same boosts).  The boosts abilities are as follows:

What is the benefit of signing onto Facebook?
Facebook connect allows the players to share their achievements as well as post photos from their trophy room.

Why aren’t Leaderboards working?
In order for Leaderboards to work you must be signed in to either Apple Game Center for iOS devices or Google Play on Android devices.

How do I use the Trophy room?
The Trophy Room allows players to place and pose game that they’ve successfully hunted.  When the player unlocks a new region they gain access to new Trophy rooms to showcase their kills.  Through a Facebook connection, the player can share images of their Trophy room with friends.

I’m being attacked by a dangerous animal, what do I do?
Upon being assaulted by dangerous game, the controls change to allow for timed avoidance and blocking.  Watch the animal’s movements and successfully time a dodge or block to keep from taking damage.  While the attacking animal is idling it is ideal to open fire on the animal to take it down before it does more damage.

What is the purpose of purchasing clothing?
Clothing allows players to both customize their avatar and gain access to exclusive hunts.  These hunts are labeled on the map with the necessary item in need of equipping before being allowed into that hunting ground.

What is the purpose of buying new firearms and bows?
Different firearms and bows have different stats that will help the player on more difficult hunts.  When browsing the store, the differences in weapons can be seen on the right side of the screen.  These stats can be compared against weapons you already have equipped by the green (positive) or red (negative) number next to the item’s stat scores.  The different stats for each firearm and bow are as follows:

How do I bird hunt?
When hunting birds there are two key factors: have a shotgun equipped and draw out the game the tapping on bushes.  Standard firearms do not work effectively in bird hunting and a shotgun is necessary in order to hunt successfully.  Most birds will hide in bushes until the player taps the bushes to draw them out.  Unlike strict sim titles, it isn’t necessary to lead the animal when aiming – simply aim on the target and fire.

Am I limited to just the regions available?
Over the next months we plan on releasing new features and regions to support our audience ensuring countless hours of play time.

Many of the firearms are locked out, why can’t I buy them?
Each firearm has a level requirement that must be met in order to purchase them.

What do I do if my game is crashing?
You may be running on low system memory or have a limited/bad wireless connection.  Try turning our device off and on again or close other applications that may be running.  You should ensure that you have updated your device to a version of iOS5 or better for iDevices or 2.3.3 Droid OS for Android devices.   If that doesn't work, try turning on "Airplane Mode" in your device settings and attempt starting the game. If the last step works, please restart your wireless router, if possible, as it may be a bad online connection. If these methods do not solve the problem please contact Activision Customer Support (Link: http://support.activision.com/) with your device details.

What are the supported devices?
For iOS Devices (iOS 5 or better) the game supports the following:

Recommended iOS devices:

For Android Devices (Droid OS 2.3.3 or better) the game supports, although is not limited to, the following (devices not list may still allow the game to function with varied results):

Recommended Android devices:

What if my question isn’t answered here?
For all other needs, please visit the Activision Customer Support Page (Link: http://support.activision.com/)