What is it?

Wipeout for iOS allows the player to experience the thrills, excitement and spectacular fails of the hit ABC television show.  Take control of a variety of different characters and abilities and face the challenges of many different Wipeout courses all while accumulating Smallsy Coins and Ballsy Bucks which can be traded in for a variety of items.  From sweepers to Big Balls these courses will test the player’s skills and dexterity as they fight to cross the finish line.



How do I play it?

The game is presented to the player from a side scrolling perspective.  Depending on a player’s handedness, one finger allows the player to control the movement and speed of the on screen character.  A finger from their other hand allows the player to control the character’s jumps and dives. 

Along the way players victories and wipeouts allow them to accumulate Smallsy Coins and Ballsy Bucks which can be traded in for new items, characters and even unlock levels.

Ballsy Bucks

Smallsy Coins

Ballsy Bucks Smallsy Coins


How do I win?

The name of the game is to get to the end of a course, accumulate Smallsy Coins/Ballsy Bucks and unlock bigger, more outlandish and challenging levels.  Likewise you can retry any levels in order to get better scores to display on shared leaderboards.  Finally, by accomplishing a variety of tasks, the player can unlock achievement badges that they can share online via Twitter and Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do "Smallsy Coins" and "Ballsy Bucks" Do?
A: There are two types of currency that are accumulated during gameplay; Smallsy Coins and Ballsy Bucks.  These can be traded for items, characters and level unlocks throughout various areas of the game.


Q: How do I get more "Smallsy Coins" and "Ballsy Bucks"?
A: You can earn more Smallsy Coins and Ballsy Bucks by:

  1. Beating the various courses with better and better times.
  2. Performing spectacular wipeouts and other amazing feats throughout a course.
  3. By purchasing them through the in-game Store. Please note that a Store purchase uses real money.

Q: What's available in the store?
A: The in-game store allows players to use real world money to buy Ballsy Bucks with real world money or convert Ballsy Bucks into Smallsy Coins.   Using these dual currencies the player can unlock levels, buy various helmets that grant different abilities or unlock new characters.