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What is it?

PITFALL! Is a fast paced, “free runner” for iOS devices that the player can easily pick up and play. The main gameplay is for the player to control Pitfall Harry as he runs through various environments, avoiding obstacles and picking up treasures.  A game session ends when Harry is either too damaged by animal attacks or hits an obstacle and is unable to continue.  If players have a “Macaw” token they will be able to pick up where they last passed a checkpoint and continue from there.

How do I play it?

Pitfall Harry constantly runs or rides through the various environments, it is up to the player to tilt or swipe the screen in order to avoid obstacles, collect treasure or attack vicious animals. 

By swiping up or down the player can make Harry jump over obstacles or slide under them.  By swiping left or right, the player makes Harry perform hard turns in those directions either to turn a corner or quickly sidestep.  By tapping the screen, players make Harry use his whip to attack snakes, scorpions and crocodiles. By tilting the device the player can move Harry across the screen in order to pick up treasure.

Along the way players can pick up Jaguar tokens which give them a range of advantages, including invincibility and increased speed.

How do I win?

Since this is a free runner, there is no winning condition.  The goal is to run as far as possible and collect treasure all while the difficulty ramps up, unlock new items that will allow even greater traversal and attempt to attain the highest positions on the Leaderboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the tokens do?
There are two “tokens” or special items that the player can acquire during a run or by unlocking in the store by spending gold or diamonds:

  1. The Jaguar token makes the player briefly invincible and traverses the landscape at a great speed.  There are various upgrades available in the store allowing the player to improve the Jaguar token, such as allowing the Jaguar to run for a longer duration.
  2. The Macaw token allows the player to continue a game from the last checkpoint that they pass during a run.  Various purchase options available in the store will allow greater frequency of Checkpoints. Using checkpoints is key to breaking through to your highest score ever. The number next to the token tells you how many available tokens that you have.

How do I get more Treasure?
You can earn more treasure by:

  1. Collecting silver bars during a run.
  2. Purchasing the “2x Treasure Multiplier” through the store, which will double the value of any treasure picked up. Please note that this Store purchase uses real money.

How do I get more Diamonds?
You can earn more Diamonds by:

  1. Leveling up, each time the player does this they will receive diamonds.
  2. By purchasing them through the Store. Please note that these Store purchases use real money.



How do I Level Up?
You can “Level Up” by completing runs.  The longer the run the more experience gained.  The more experience gained, the more levels you go up.

The XP meter displays the player’s current class (A); in this case the player is an “Apprentice”. The players class changes on every tenth level. You can also see their current XP level in yellow (B), and their target XP level in white (C). The green box at the end of the XP meter details how much XP was earned on the respective run (D).

What happens when Harry is poisoned?
If Harry is bitten by a snake or stung by a scorpion he will become poisoned. When poisoned the edge of the screen will become tinted red, and Harry will show signs of discomfort.

During this time if Harry is bitten or stung again he will die.


What’s Available in the Store?
The store offers many different options available to the player.  This includes onetime use items such as Macaw tokens, allowing the player to start a run from the last purchased checkpoint they ran past. Or the Haste Tonic which will allow experienced players to travel faster through the earlier stages of the game, amongst other items.

The Macaw Token allows you to restart the game from an activated checkpoint.

Life Tonics allow Harry to cheat death and carry on running.


Haste Tonics give Harry a speed boost, great for the seasoned gamers seeking those big distances.


Anti-Venom Tonics instantly remove the poison effect when bitten by a snake or stung by a scorpion.

Likewise you can permanently upgrade Pitfall Harry, allowing for such abilities as being able to recover from poison more quickly or add treasure modifiers.

Upgrading the Jaguar Token will allow the Jaguar to run for longer distances and attract treasure.

Upgrading Life Tonics will increase the duration of their effects.

Upgrading Haste Tonics will increase the duration of their effects.

Upgrading Harry’s resistance will reduce the duration of any poison effects.


Finally you are able to change Pitfall Harry’s outfits, allowing for a variety of customizations.



What are Outfits?
The player can purchase up to 7 additional outfits, with either treasure or diamonds. Each outfit has unique sounds and animations, some outfits even unlock patches. Do you consider yourself to be a Pirate or a Ninja? Perhaps you should think about which one you might purchase first!


What are Checkpoints?

Checkpoints can be unlocked that will allow Pitfall Harry to begin his run from pre-determined milestones. You must pass a checkpoint marker to first unlock a checkpoint.

Passing a locked checkpoint will allow you to spend diamonds in order to purchase that checkpoint from the store.

After passing the checkpoint and failing a run you will be able to use a Macaw Token to restart your run at the purchased checkpoint you passed.

What are Patches?
Patches are rewarded when specific tasks are complete whilst playing Pitfall. Once a patch has been unlocked the Patch image is revealed.

Some patches are one shot meaning that a single task must be complete to earn the patch; other patches are accumulative meaning that the player must repeat a specific task over numerous runs to earn the patch.  Try and collect them all!

What do I do if my game is crashing?
You may be running low on system memory. Try turning your device off then on again or close other applications that may be running. You should also ensure you have updated your device to a version of iOS 4.3 or newer. If these methods do not solve the problem please contact Activision Customer Support with your device details.

What if my question isn't answered here?

For all other support needs, please visit the Activision Customer Support page.